Trouble shooting Guide: Automatchic 3 

Q. The instrument is soiled or damaged. What do you recommend?

A. If the housing or the base of the instrument is soiled, clean it using a damp cloth. Do not use acetone, Sikkens SO or any other solvent!

If there is more serious soiling due to heavy usage, clean the instrument using a damp cloth and spirit or ethanol. Please note that unevenness on the base of the instrument can produce incorrect measured values.

-If paint or dirt has soiled the measuring aperture, this can lead to malfunctioning of the unit.

-Please do not attempt to clean the optics yourself. Instead, contact AkzoNobel so that we can service the instruments properly.

If the housing is visibly damaged, do not take any more readings because the measured values could be faulty.

-If you would like to send in the instrument for repair, please contact the AkzoNobel Techline at 1 (800) 618-10101 (800) 618-1010.

Q. My spectrophotomer does not start. What can I do?

A. If your instrument refuses to start, this does not necessarily mean that it is damaged. Please first check whether one of the following options could be the cause of the problem:

­The batteries in your spectrophotometer could be old. Please replace the batteries. For how to do this, see the manual.

­The batteries may have been inserted incorrectly. Please check that the batteries are inserted correctly from the drawing in manual.

The battery compartment is not completely shut or has been incorrectly inserted in the unit. Please check the battery compartment.

­You have checked all three options but the unit still does not start?

­There may be a technical problem with your instrument. Please contact the AkzoNobel Techline at 1 (800) 618-10101 (800) 618-1010.

Q. The instrument starts, but the display is blank. What could be the cause?

­A. There may be a technical problem with your instrument. Please contact the AkzoNobel Techline at 1 (800) 618-10101 (800) 618-1010.

Q. There is a loud noise coming from the motor. What can I do? 

A. ­There may be a technical problem with your instrument. Please contact the AkzoNobel Techline at 1 (800) 618-10101 (800) 618-1010.

Q. The instrument will not measure; no values are displayed. What is the fault here?

A. The most frequent causes of this are:

­The protective cover is still on the spectrophotometer. Please remove the cover.

It is possible that the spectrophotometer is not positioned correctly on the surface below. The contacts on the underside must audibly engage with the surface below. You can find an illustration of the correct positioning in manual

­The spectrophotometer must be removed from the surface during the measuring process. It is possible that this has not happened completely. Please remove the unit from the surface and replace it.

­Automeasure is switched off, in this case the reading starts by pressing the operate button. To switch auto-measure on, select automeasure in the set-up menu.

It can happen that the contacts on the underside are not correctly positioned and fail to engage. Please replace the unit on the surface and ensure that the sound of the contacts engaging can be clearly heard.

It is possible that the motor has failed to start during the measuring process. Please check whether the sound of the motor is audible in the spectrophotometer.

­You have checked all the options but the unit still does not measure any values? There may be a technical problem with your instrument. Please contact the AkzoNobel Techline at 1 (800) 618-10101 (800) 618-1010.

Q. The instrument measures incorrect values. How can I remedy this?

A. If you are certain that the measured values are incorrect, this might be the result of a faulty calibration. Please recalibrate the instrument. Use Cyan tile to check the calibration. If the cyan check is OK, then the color readings of the device are right. Possibly, the problem is in the database or the calculated value. Please send in a color complaint to AkzoNobel via regular channels. Make sure you have enough details at hand: Measurement panel, spray out, spray out formula, product, database used, color checker details (serial number, firmware).

Q. My measured values cannot be saved. Is the instrument defective?

A. Please check whether the memory of your spectrophotometer is full, and clear the memory if need be. Normally after transferring the worklist the memory should be cleared.

Q. The transfer of the measured values to the computer does not work or is faulty. What do I need to change?

­A. Please check the connection to the computer: Ensure that the cable is fully inserted in both the spectrophotometer and the PC and that it is plugged into the correct PC port.

If you think that all the connections and cables are inserted properly, please check the following options:

­The communication cable to the PC could be defective. If you would like to order a new or additional communication cable, please check accessories list.

There may be a software error. This is likely if the computer recognizes the spectrophotometer but fails to communicate any values. In this instance please contact the Akzo Nobel help line.

Q. I cannot calibrate the unit. What am I doing wrong?

­A. Ensure that the instrument is correctly placed on the light trap and that the protective cap has been removed. Here you will find advice on how to align the light trap.

­The fault may lie with the white standard. Is this soiled or incorrectly positioned? Please clean the white standard as recommended in the operating manual and be aware of both the red marking and the corner cut in the base when positioning the instrument.

­Please only use the white standard supplied and do not exchange the standard with other instruments.

Is it possible that the red cap is still positioned on the light trap? Please remove the cap in accordance with this instruction.

Q. Display shows the message "wrong standard".

A. Please check white calibration standard the serial number should match with that of the device.