Colorbuild™ Plus

Item # 393719    Colorbuild™ Plus Black
Item # 393721    Colorbuild™ Plus Blue
Item # 393722    Colorbuild™ Plus Green
Item # 393720    Colorbuild™ Plus Red
Item # 393718    Colorbuild™ Plus White
Item # 393723    Colorbuild™ Plus Yellow
Item # 393727    Colorbuild™ Plus Primer Sealer Hardener
Item # 393732    Colorbuild™ Plus Primer Sealer Hardener Slow
Item # 393726    Colorbuild™ Plus Primer Surfacer Hardener


Colorbuild Plus, six colored primers, can be mixed by formula or by hand to achieve colors closely resembling the topcoat color. Depending on the mixing ratio utilized, Colorbuild Plus can be used as either a sanding or non-sanding, wet-on-wet primer.

Technical Documents: