This section is dedicated to solving the types of problems our customers are facing from a paint technical perspective.

Q: My Computer freezes at a blank DOS screen during Mixit2 update to 06-08 version?

This has been known to occur if Mixit2 was previously updated to the 06-08 Version. If installation stalls at this screen more than 10 seconds, try to click the ‘X’ at the top right of the screen, when error message appears click on ‘End Now’, and continue update.


Q: I have a Computer loaded with Sikkens Products and I want to add Lesonal and U-TECH Products?

Begin the Mixit2 update as normal. When you get to the screen that asks you to select update method (Express or Custom), press the back button, then select the type of Distributor load you need based on region. Press next, select custom and press next, check all 3 boxes (Programs, Formula Database, Colorbank) then press next to continue update. For U-TECH, close Mixit2 once update is complete, and install separate U-TECH Disc and proceed with update as normal.

Q: I printed a Cost Tracking Report but there is no price showing for Colorbuild Plus Average Mix, only Quantity used?

Pricing for Colorbuild Plus Average Mix needs to be entered manually under Inventory Items. Go to Main > Inventory Items > Item Number > Group > Primers (got to Sealers for Average Mix Sealer) > Press OK > Under Item Listing select on Colorbuild Plus Average Primer (Sealer) > enter price under Unit Price (as determined by user) > Select Save. NOTE: If Inventory Module is not turned on, skip the first 2 steps, and go to Options > Product Management > Product Maintenance and continue

Q: I just connected a NEW PMA7501 Scale to the Ecomix and it says ‘NO WP’ or ‘No Scale’?

First, exit out of the Ecomix and end session and turn the Ecomix off/on. After the screen goes blank, press F10 to go into the Setup Menu. Once in the Setup Menu, go to Scale and press Enter. If there is a little ‘o’ next to ‘OFF’ or ‘PMA7200/7500/35D Family (Standard)’, go to ‘Sartorius Scale (XBPI Mode)’ and press Enter, then ESC. 

Q: When Configuring the AM3 in Mixit2, I get an Error Message of: Status: 30; Message: Position is off the Screen; Program: FLEXBOX; Line: 1107; File: Browser?

This commonly happens if the Mixit2 Scale is running when you try to configure the AM3, or if the Mixit2 Software is closed and they start the scale process then open the Mixit2 again to work with the AM3. In other words - if using the AM3 Camera, always open the Mixit2 program on the PC before opening the scale and leave Mixit2 running. Minimize but do not close. To fix: Reboot the Computer and unplug the AM3 USB Cable. Once the Computer is back up, reconnect the USB Cable and follow above instructions. 

Q: If a User forgets their Password for Mixit2, is there a way to find out what it is?

Login into Mixit2 as a System Administrator. Go to Options > System Mgmt > User Maintenance > Select the User’s ID. Double click in the Password Field. Once the Field is highlighted, it will reveal the User’s Password.

Note: It is recommended when an Akzo Rep is setting up Mixit2 Security at a Shop, they should create a User ID for themselves as a System Administrator (in case something goes wrong with the default System Administrator login).